[R] using <<- with a changing variable name (substitute?)

From: Tamas K Papp <tpapp_at_princeton.edu>
Date: Tue 09 Aug 2005 - 00:26:48 EST

I have a matrix r and a scalar d, and I would like to apply the following functions to each of its elements:

  1. if r < 0, no change
  2. if 0 <= r < d, replace element by zero
  3. if d <= r, replace element by r-d

I wrote a small function for this

  m <- function(b) {sapply(b, function(bb) {     if (bb < 0) {bb} else {if (bb>d) {bb-d} else 0}   })}  

so I can simply say r <- m(r). The problem is that the matrix r is huge and only one of them fits in the memory, and I don't need the original r, so I would like to do this memory-efficiently. Moreover, there are matrices with various names (not only r) so I need a generic function (they don't fit in memory at the same time, I load, save and rm them).

I tried various combinations of <<-, assign, substitute etc. but could not get it working. Could somebody please help me?


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