Re: [R] Digest reading is tedious

From: Jeff Gentry <>
Date: Wed 10 Aug 2005 - 03:55:10 EST

> Like many, I am sure, I get R-Help in digest form. Its easy enough to
> browse the
> subject lines, but then if an entry interests you, you have to embark
> on this tedious search or scroll to find it.
> It would be great to have a "clickable" digest, where the topics list
> is a set of pointers, and clicking on a topic
> takes you to that entry. I can think of at least one way to do this via
> web pages, but I bet those with
> more web skills than me can come up with an elegant solution.

I sincerely hope you don't mean that you wish HTML enabled content in the actual emails coming through the mailing list. People who send HTML in email text should be taken out back and shot :)                                                                                 

You could always look through the archives at:                                                                                 

And simply sort by date or whatever else suits your fancy. mailing list PLEASE do read the posting guide! Received on Wed Aug 10 03:55:29 2005

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