[R] Treatment-response analysis along time

From: Felix Royo <z319112_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed 10 Aug 2005 - 17:09:35 EST

Dear R people,
I wonder if you could give me a hand with some of my data. I have a very typical analysis in biology, however it is difficult for me to find the right way to analyse. I had a group of animals, I gave them a treatment, and I measure a variable along time -one´s per day- along 5 days,for example(fake data):
Animals Time1 Time2 Time3 Time4

1            1         5        3        1
2            2         7        4        1
3            5         5        3        1
4            1         3        7        2
5            2         7        7        1
Please, notice that all the animals get the same treatment, and there are no   control -animals which has no received any treatment. Normally I handle this kind of data with SPSS and Repeated Measurement analysis. That tell me if there is a change along the time, but no information about when the treatment start to be effective, when the effect has pass. Besides, i would like to be able to handle this data with R. I have been looking at Crawley's S-plus book, and I cannot find similar example as I have, not either in the Dalgaard´s introduction to R, because he uses an example where different animals are measured as each time -using time as a factor in a one way anova (I am hope I am right). Thanks for your help and time.
Best regards

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