Re: [R] RGUI crash when opening script in XP Home enviroment

From: Knut Krueger <>
Date: Wed 10 Aug 2005 - 20:38:04 EST

Prof Brian Ripley schrieb:

>This is not the place to report reproducible faults: please see the
>posting guide and send a complete bug report to the appropriate place.
>(Let alone three followups from Duncan Mackay!)
Thank´s for the hint I sent the error (including the following url) to the Bug tracing system, but I also thought that the user here should know how to prevent the error.
I lost a lot of time with rewriting scripts which were not saved before I opened a new one until I realized the reason of this.

>However, as I don't know what the `open file button' is, I cannot
>reproduce it. Is this MDI or SDI mode,
Sorry about this, but I don not know the difference and I do not know what the shortcuts are standing for    

>and if the former is this using
>the icon on the toolbar, whose tooltip says it is `open script'?
Yes this one but not the 'file -> open script' line

>Please make clear in your report if this one or two problems, i.e. is the
>`not closing completely' only after the error?
The report with screen prints is available (I'm sorry that it is a German operating system):

I hope this is clarifying the open questions

with regards
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