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From: christian schulz <ozric_at_web.de>
Date: Thu 11 Aug 2005 - 18:13:16 EST


have anybody a starting point or experince how i could optimize the results from a conjoint-ananlysis.
I have the idea to optimize this with 2 function , one for the parth-worth utilities which have to maximize and a secondconcurrent  for the cost's of the parth-worth utilities ("product-parts") which should be minimize or smaller than value x?

My main problem how i have to construct the formula, beacuse i'm not operation research expert.

Easy Example:
Parth-Worth Utilities
Attribute1: Color (red=0.1,blue=0.3)
Attribute2: Price (100$=0.4,200$=0.2)

So how i could use it in a formular that only one color and one price is choosen from an optimizer to maximize it (..dummy!?). In real life it could be up to 20 Attributes and different count's of levels.

many thanks & regards,

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