[R] access assigned objects

From: Beth Wilmot <wilmotb_at_ohsu.edu>
Date: Fri 12 Aug 2005 - 13:16:42 EST

Dear list,
I am trying to write a function that will make a matrix of each row of a data frame (4 columns), calculate a fisher.test on each resulting matrix and assign a vector of the p-values. I have gotten through making the matrices, but cannot calculate the fisher.test.  


mm <- vector("list", dfrow)
for(i in 1:dfrow)

   mm[[i]] <- matrix(x[i,],nr=2)


I don't know how to access each mm[[i]] as everything I've tried gives me the error that "Error in fisher.test(mm[[i]]) : all entries of x must be nonnegative and finite"  

All the numbers in the matrices are between 1 and 600.    


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