Re: [R] Concerning reading of SAS-files

From: Frank E Harrell Jr <>
Date: Sat 13 Aug 2005 - 01:26:39 EST

bogdan romocea wrote:

> The first one is an index, not a data set. Anyway, just use SAS to
> export the data sets in text format (CSV, tab-delimited etc). You can
> then easily read those in R. (By the way, the help for read.xport says
> that 'The file must be in SAS XPORT format.' Is .sas7bdat an XPORT
> file? Hint: no.)

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>>From: Fredrik Thuring []
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>>Subject: [R] Concerning reading of SAS-files
>>I'm trying to start a credibility estimation study with a
>>coule of data
>>sets that are created for SAS. The data sets are saved as
>>".sas7bndx" and
>>I've tried reading them to R with the function 'read.xport' but this
>>returns the error message 'Error in lookup.xport(file) :
>>unable to open
>>Are there any other functions that one could use instead?
>>Thanks a lot to who ever can solve my problem!
>>Fredrik Thuring
>>Codan Insurance, Copenhagen

If you want to go the CSV route, the sasxport.get function in Hmisc can help. Its help function references a Howto on our web site. Beware that SAS PROC EXPORT which it uses is not really a PROC but a stored macro (where do all the billions of $ SAS earns go?) that has a bug if you have an unmatched quote in a field. sasxport.get will detect the problem because it compares the number of observations to that reported by PROC CONTENTS.

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