Re: [R] Problems with numeric variable containing ? values

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Sat 13 Aug 2005 - 10:31:06 EST

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          spencer graves wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a problem with the values for one column in a table.
> The variable represented in this column is numeric (I get TRUE
> when I ask is.numeric(x)). However, the values are listed
> ordinally and with row numbers as values, not with the ones
> that appear in the table. Some rows have an undefined value
> for this column, which appears as ? in the table (this is not
> an error). I wonder whether these undefined values are causing
> the problem.
> I need to extract a subset from this column with all rows not
> having '?' and then use the subset for a number if analysis.
> So far this is not possible since the subset does not have the
> real values, but the row numbers mentioned above. Any help?
> Thanks in advance,
> Francisco Torreira
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