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Date: Sat 13 Aug 2005 - 14:03:35 EST

> wrote:
>> Jerry,
>> Here are the two R packages.
>> Thanks.
>> Rick
> All the fortran codes compile OK so the problem is invoking the compiler
> you
> want. One approach which is a work around is to rename the gfortran
> executable
> to somthing else like gfortran-save and create a link called gfortran that
> points to g77. That might work, but its a hack.
> From looking at these it appears that they are intended to be built from
> the R
> environment. Unfortunately I am not an R user and I am not familiar with
> it.
> What is the usual build process you go through?
> Jerry

I was able to install rmutil by using g77. During installation, R prints out the gfortran command with parameters. I ran this part separately using g77 in place of gfortran. I could have used a link to g77 (if I removed gfortran) but when I did this, there was a problem with the "mtune=pentium4" argument so I removed this argument. Then the various fortran programs compiled. I then use R to install the package and (miracuously) R installed the package. (It seems R skipped trying to compile the fortan code once the executables were already created and available - so R was able to put the created functions into the library tree so they could be used in an R session.)

This is all very kludgy - I would prefer to go back to a few days ago without gfortran and R packages installed without any problems.

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