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From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Sun 14 Aug 2005 - 04:17:42 EST

          The formula R2 = t2/(df+t2) applies only if a single intercept and a single slope are estimate with simple linear regression in something like B~A or B~age, but not with interaction nor quadratic term in age.

          For further information, I just got 4 hits from 'RSiteSearch("R^2 in lme")', two of which seemed relevant to your question: "", and "".

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Shaw, Philip (NIH/NIMH) wrote:

> HI
> I wonder if anyone can help. I have a longitudinal sample of 100 subjects:
> 200 data points were acquired starting at different ages and at irregular
> intervals (subjects have different numbers of repeated data points, so some
> have only one data point). I have been examining the relationship over time
> (it is quadratic) of continuous variables A on variable B. To model this I
> have been using linear mixed models in R.
> B~A*age +A*I(age^2) + random term (for individual)
> I get t values associated with A, age and A*age.
> How (or can) the t value for A be converted to a correlation (r) or variance
> value?
> I recall that R2 = t2/(df+t2)
> But can this be applied to linear mixed models and what are the degrees of
> freedom?
> I hope this is reasonably clear,
> Many thanks for any opinions
> Philip
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