Re: [R] Problem with numeric variable

From: <>
Date: Sun 14 Aug 2005 - 22:16:50 EST

Well, you were right. When I check with str() or summary(), the data frame appears as having a factor for that column. However, if I ask is.factor(C2), I get FALSE, and if I ask is.numeric(C2) I get TRUE. This seems strange. So I decided to reimport the dataframe, this time with NA as undefined values, and not ?. C2 was imported as a numeric variable, as checked with str() and is.numeric(). But I still get the indexes and not the values when I use C2 for any purpose, just as happened before. How can this be possible? All the other columns in the table behave properly. The only difference I see between this columns ans the others is that it contains NA values.

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