Re: [R] path analysis

From: Manel Salamero <>
Date: Mon 15 Aug 2005 - 03:34:27 EST

This solves part of my problem with the independent ordinal variables, but my dependent variable is truly categorial (illness/no illness). Polychoric correlation implies that data are continuous, which in not the case. Is possible to implement logistic regression in the path model?


Manel Salamero

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> Someone knows if it is possible to perform a path analysis
> with sem package (or any other) to explain a dependent
> *dichotomus* variable?

Yes -- you can use the hetcor() function in the polycor package to generate a correlation matrix and boot.sem() in the sem package to get standard errors or confidence intervals. Make sure that the dichotomous variables are represented as factors. See ?boot.sem for an example.

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