[R] error in predict glm (new levels cause problems)

From: K. Steinmann <Katharina.Steinmann_at_stud.unibas.ch>
Date: Mon 15 Aug 2005 - 23:39:54 EST

Dear R-helpers,

I try to perform glm's with negative binomial distributed data. So I use the MASS library and the commands: model_1 = glm.nb(response ~ y1 + y2 + ...+ yi, data = data.frame) and
predict(model_1, newdata = data.frame)

So far, I think everything should be ok.

But when I want to perform a glm with a subset of the data, I run into an error message as soon as I want to predict values, based on the new model. The problem seems to be the reduced number of levels of one of the factors yi ( a categorical factor) in the subset of the original data set.

On cran search I found some related hint, that the line "mf$drop.unused.levels <- TRUE " in the glm (or glm.nb) function could cause the problem.

Therefore I changed the line to "mf$drop.unused.levels <- FALSE ". Indeed the error message disappears and when I compare the prediction of model_1 with the prediction of the model, carried out with the full data set but with the changed glm.nb function, I get the same predicted numbers.

However, the change of glm.nb function was more of an intuitive action, and since I still consider myself as a beginner of R, I don't feel comfortable.

So my questions:
1. Is there an easier way to solve my problem? 2. Do I affect the glm.nb function seriously, by changing the line mentioned above?

Thank you for your help,

PS: I am working with R 2.0.0
PPS: Concrete error message:
"Error in model.frame.default(Terms, newdata, na.action = na.action, xlev = object$xlevels) :

        factor I(kanton) has new level(s) GE"

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