[R] paste / system mystery

From: <ivo_welch-rstat8303_at_mailblocks.com>
Date: Tue 16 Aug 2005 - 03:23:22 EST

Dear R wizards:

under R-2.1.0:

eargs <- 3:5;
line <- paste(c("echo A B", eargs));
cat("executing from R: '", line, "'\n"); system(line);

Oddly, only "A" and "B" are echoed, not the eargs. I had hoped that line would be one string at this point, and for printing this seems to be true. However, unlist(line) still gives me the 4 components. It almost seems like the objects were not really pasted, but kept separate [perhaps to conserve memory]---which works internally, but not externally.

Is this my poor understanding of R, an R "feature," or an R bug?

help appreciated.


ivo welch

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