[R] how to reshape an array avoiding for loops

From: Wladimir Eremeev <wl_at_eimb.ru>
Date: Wed 17 Aug 2005 - 07:12:04 EST

Dear r-help,

  I have an array a1 with dimensions [1:660,1:65,1:25]   I would like the first dimension to be the last one.   That is I want and array [1:65,1:25,1:660]

  The only way to do this, I know, is   

  for(i in 1:dim(a1)[1]) tmp.a[,,i]<-a1[i,,]   a1<-tmp.a

  Is it possible to avoid 'for' loop here?

  Thank you!

Best regards,
Wladimir                mailto:wl@eimb.ru

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