Re: [R] power of a matrix

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Thu 18 Aug 2005 - 13:47:03 EST

Hi, Peter:

          I couldn't find "mexp" in the Matrix package, but I did find it in fMultivar and in Lindsey's rmutil. These are different functions, but produced essentially the same answer for mexp(array(1:4, dim=c(2,2))). While hunting for that, I also also found reference by Doug Bates in a previous interchange on r-help to "a classic paper ... I would recommend reading":

  Moler C., van Loan C., (2003); _Nineteen dubious ways to compute

      the exponential of a matrix,  twenty-five years later_, SIAM
      Review 45, 3-49.

	  This paper was cited in the help page for mexp in fMultivar but not 
in rmutil.

          spencer graves

Peter Dalgaard wrote:

> "Rau, Roland" <> writes:

>>Thank you very much! Thanks also to the authors of this function,
>>Vincente Canto Cassola and Martin Maechler!
>>This is exactly what I hoped for.

> ....
>>>look at function ?mtx.exp() in the Malmig package, e.g.,

> Also, there is mexp() in the Matrix package. I'm not sure about the
> relative merits. mexp() is one of the less dubious implementations of
> matrix exponentials, but it does require to and from class "Matrix".
> mtx.exp is a bit unfortunately named as it appears to calculate matrix
> *powers* (which in this case is what you need).
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