Re: [R] Set R 2.1.1. in English

From: Patrick Giraudoux <>
Date: Fri 19 Aug 2005 - 04:41:40 EST

OK. ¨Perfectly clear.

This written for other listers:

Shortcut is the shortcuts ("alias") everybody use to launch applications (in French: "raccourci"), and for suckers (as I am): one just have to right-click the shortcut used to launch Rgui.exe, select properties ("propriétés" in French) and add in the box target ("cible" in French) LANGUAGE=en to the path. In my case: C:\R\rw2011\bin\Rgui.exe. Thus, it makes C:\R\rw2011\bin\Rgui.exe LANGUAGE=en. Then click OK.

It works fantastic!!!!

Thanks a lot for this. It makes three weeks I was grumling everytime (often) I started R, and frustrated with the SDI mode...

Patrick Giraudoux

Prof Brian Ripley a écrit :

> On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Patrick Giraudoux wrote:
>>> (whish R
>>> 2.1.1 could be parametrise 'English' even with a French Windows XP!!!!)
>>> If I understand you correctly, it can. Just add LANGUAGE=en to the
>>> shortcut.
>> Wonderful hope but not sure to catch what you term "shortcut". I
>> tried to add this command in C:\R\rw2011\etc\Rprofile, the .Rprofile
>> in the folder my documents, but this cannot be understood from
>> there... which obviously shows that "shortcut" is not a general term
>> for profiles! I have also
> See the rw-FAQ Q2.2.
> `Shortcut' is the standard name for files on Windows with extension .lnk.
> Another way is to add this to HOME/.Renviron: see the rw-FAQ Q2.17
>> unsuccessfully looked for a file "shortcut" in the rw2011 folder. I
>> also tried and went through the R-help archive. There were some
>> exchanges on this subject and Asian languages some weeks ago but what
>> I have tried and adapt on this basis did not work.
>> The objective would be to have R in English (thus additionnally
>> allowing MDI mode with R-WinEdt, which is not the case with any other
>> language) and to keep Windows XP and other applications in the
>> foreign (= French, here) language.
>> Thanks for any further hint,
>> Patrick Giraudoux
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