Re: [R] 0/0, R segfaults

From: Dirk Eddelbuettel <>
Date: Fri 19 Aug 2005 - 11:36:56 EST

On 18 August 2005 at 16:01, Xing Qiu wrote:
| Hi,
| I noticed that when I was conducting some calculation involving
| finding correlation coeficients, R stopped abnormally. So I did some
| research, and find out that 0/0 was the culprit. For sure 0/0 is not
| a valid expression, but R should give a warning, an error msg or NaN
| instead of segmentation fault.
| I am using R 2.1.0 under Gentoo Linux. My GCC version is 3.3.5.

edd@basebud:~> R

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> 0/0
[1] NaN

No problem on Debian 'testing' with R 2.1.1. You may want to try a different libc.


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