Re: [R] Console

From: Sean O'Riordain <>
Date: Fri 19 Aug 2005 - 18:25:21 EST

Hi Daniela,

Are you using the GUI (RGui.exe) or are you using R.exe inside the cmd.exe console? if the latter then you can right click on the blue bar at the top, select properties, and change "Screen Buffer Size" / Height to be something like 9000... then you can just use your mouse to slider back up to stuff you missed...

On the number of questions per day... I think if you go through the "Posting Guide", the "Introduction to R", the FAQs (normal and Windows) and the other ancillary documentation, such as R-Tips all of which are mentioned in the Posting Guide... :-)

The process of going through the posting guide each time, while a bit tedious is an incredible learning experience... many posts to the list just would never happen if the author went to the trouble of going through the posting guide... admittedly the introductory documentation is not as good as it could be and is a bit terse in places...

However, that said, I am also a relative beginner at R, I try to read and understand every post, most of them just go straight over my head as my statistical skills are severely lacking and when people start talking about GLMs all I hear is a whooshing sound over my head :-)

One way that I have found useful for learning is to pick on questions which are at my level and try and answer them... and in answering them, I learn with you. Of course sometimes I give sub-optimal answers, but there are plenty of experts around to nudge us in the right direction :-)


On 19/08/05, Daniela Salvini <> wrote:
> Hi Sean!
> Thank you so much for replying so soon! Well, I am very bad at these things, so I suppose my "platform" is Windows XP, is it what you need to know? I hope so!... And how many questions are we allowed to pose to the mailing list...per day? I suppose I will have quite a few ... : )
> Thank you so much!
> Daniela
> PS Maybe I should read the Posting Guide, I did not notice there was one
> >>> 08/19/05 8:29 am >>>
> Hi Daniela,
> Which platform are you working on? If you're working within a console
> on windows-98, then the answer is entirely different to working under
> linux or RGui on windows. This is why the Posting Guide says to give
> platform details :-)
> cheers!
> Sean
> On 18/08/05, Daniela Salvini <> wrote:
> > I am at my first steps with R... and I already notice that the console has a quite limited number of lines. Can anyone tell me how to visualise all the information, which is actually present? I only see the last part of the output, which obviosly exceeds the maximum number of rows in the console.
> > Thank you very much for your help!
> > Daniela
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