Re: [R] Using lm coefficients in polyroot()

From: Lukasz Komsta <>
Date: Fri 19 Aug 2005 - 22:13:49 EST

Dnia 2005-08-19 11:50, Użytkownik Dieter Menne napisał:

> Are you really sure you want to throw away lower order terms in a fit by
> misusing stepAIC? With the rare exception of omitting a constant offset, I
> don't know any case where there are good reasons to omit lower order terms in a

I appreciate your will to prevent me from misusing stepAIC :), but I would like to perform some Monte-Carlo study of such case, these are not real-life data. Without the function, this study is not possible.

> For a more competent discussion of the matter, read Bill Venables

I know it. Thank you again.

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