Re: [R] Installing R in Fedora Core 4

From: Gavin Simpson <>
Date: Sat 20 Aug 2005 - 00:35:55 EST

On Fri, 2005-08-19 at 09:59 -0400, White, Charles E WRAIR-Wash DC wrote:
> R is included in Fedora Extras. You can skip downloading Extras and
> updating the packages on the CD by using:
> yum index | grep R
> and installing the half dozen or so individual packages that will be
> listed. The number of packages may be mildly annoying but if you
> install this way you will be notified of R updates along with all of
> your other security and application updates through the Red Hat
> Network.
> Chuck

Peter Dalgaard has noted, on the R-Devel list (sorry I can't provide the link to the mail - the link from the R site to the mail archives wasn't working when I tried), that there are problems with the R rpm from Fedora Extras, including a strange printing bug. I believe Peter now thinks this is a bug in R (seem to have deleted that post - doh) exposed by the compilation flags used by the maintainer of the Fedora Extras rpm.

If you want and rpm to install, then Martyn Plummer provides R binaries for Red Hat / Fedora systems that are available from CRAN e.g: for FC4

Martyn has also made these available via a yum-compatible repository, so the benefits you note of auto-notification of updates etc. apply here as well.


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