Re: [R] multiple plots in png output

From: Francisco J. Zagmutt <>
Date: Sat 20 Aug 2005 - 05:51:24 EST

I don't run R on Linux but my first suggestion would be to download the latest version of R and if you still observe the problem post a new thread with specific code examples.



>From: "Karen L. Updegraff" <>
>Reply-To: "Karen L. Updegraff" <>
>Subject: [R] multiple plots in png output
>Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 13:25:13 -0500 (CDT)
>I am using R version 1.9.1 under Linux.
>In the past I have had no problem saving a multi-plot page to a postscript
>or png device. However, the last time I did this may have been under a
>previous version of R. Presently nothing I do seems to succeed in saving
>multi-plots, defined (for example) with
>mfrow=c(2,2) ... plot(..) .. plot(..)
>The same problem has occurred using hist() and plot().
>These are not plots that lend themselves to a lattice format, so that
>is not really an option. The multi-plot page displays fine with
>the default (x11) graphics device but in the saved file only the last
>plot shows up.
>The only suggestion of a problem that I found in the R documentation was
>a warning that png and "similar devices" would tend to save only the
>last page of a multi-page plot, unles you used something like "%d" to
>indicate the file sequence. There are no details on how or where that
>option might be used. R documentation frequently seems to go out of its way
>to be opaque.
>Is this a bug that was introduced with v 1.9.1, and if so has it
>been fixed in more recent releases? Alternatively, is there a
>workaround which is not documented?
>Suggestions appreciated.
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