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From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Tue 23 Aug 2005 - 02:07:14 EST

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 wrote:

> dear R wizards--- I would like to do some book-on-demand printing at a
> popular printer named lulu, but lulu requires inclusion even of the
> basic postscript fonts. Interestingly, my book itself does not need
> the 14 base acrobat fonts, only the embedded R figures do. Of course,
> I really would like to get pdftex to embed the fonts, but how to do
> this is not obvious either. [This method seems to be what the R help
> page is indicating... The software including the PostScript plot file
> should either embed the font outlines (usually from '.pfb' or '.pfa'
> files) or use DSC comments to instruct the print spooler to do so.)

Why not use the fonts your book does use in the figures? (That's how my books are done.)

> So, I would really, really like to embed the necessary fonts with the R
> figures. I first reread the discussion in this mailing list about
> (eps) font embedding earlier this year. This was ultimately not very
> helpful. First, I do not know how to instruct my embedding program to
> include the fonts that R figures want. Second, I already start with
> the pdf device, so distilling eps files is not a good option--and it
> would seem a bit crazy to first use the wrong output device
> (postscript), then ship my files over to a windows machine somewhere
> that has distiller installed, run distiller by hand, then ftp them back
> to my linux machine---just for getting the fonts embedded.
> Is it impossible to get R to embed the necessary fonts in its pdf
> output?

Yes, as it has no access to them. They are not Open Source. You may be able to use URW clones, depending on their licensing conditions.

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