[R] rgui on windows quiting automatically

From: Greg Snow <greg.snow_at_ihc.com>
Date: Tue 23 Aug 2005 - 02:17:23 EST

Rgui on my computer has started acting funny (though I expect the problem is with my system rather than R, but hopefully someone here can still help).

I am working with R version 2.11 on windows 2000.

Rgui was working fine, then last week it started acting up. Now when I start Rgui (from shorcuts, or the commandline), the GUI starts up, but before the copyright and version info is printed I get the closing dialog asking me if I want to save the workspace
(the same one that I get from "q()"). If I answer yes or no
then R exits nicely, if I click on "cancel" then I get the windows dialog box saying that the program has performed an illeagle action and will be closed (It says it is creating a log file, but I have yet to find a log file with anything useful in it on why the program was closed).

I have tried starting from the command line with the --vanilla switch, but that does not work either.

rgui --help and rgui --version do work (but don't run the main program).

rgui --verbose causes the error and shutdown without the quit dialog.

I tried running the older versions of R that were still installed on my computer, but they behaved the same way (had worked fine before this).

I did a complete uninstall of all copies of R on the computer, downloaded a fresh version of R 2.11 and reinstalled that
(removing all .Rdata files that it may have accessed)
and it is still giving me the same problem.

rterm still works, so it is something in the GUI portion.

Any help will be appreciated,

Greg Snow, Ph.D.
Statistical Data Center, LDS Hospital
Intermountain Health Care
(801) 408-8111

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