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From: Frank E Harrell Jr <>
Date: Tue 23 Aug 2005 - 07:12:41 EST

Anne wrote:
> Dear R-helpers
> I need to produce statistical output where the annotations are in
> French (and from time to time in German). I produce plots/tables using
> extensively the latex() , summary.formula() ...functions of Hmisc
> which allows me for nice print-out. Up to now I "corrected" manually
> my latex code , replacing such headings as "missing" by "valeur
> manquante" etc. Is there a (simple) way of updating the R functions
> with the translated output? (I would of course gladly make it
> available to the list)
> I know my question will sound like an heresy to the vast majority of
> statisticians and I agree it is a waste of statistician time to do
> translations, but it is due to work related constraints (and I fear
> the "anti-americanisme primaire" encountered in some european
> countries)


If you were to use a general way to detect the language (using the new facilities that Brian Ripley mentioned) and wanted to use that to enhance print. and latex. methods for the summary.formula family of functions, and know or can learn how to use CVS, we will consider giving you access to the Hmisc CVS repository to make the enhancements you want.


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