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          Have you received a reply to the post below? I haven't seen one. If not (or even if you have), I believe you could increase the chances of a useful reply by reading the posting guide! "". In particular, if you provide a sample toy example that someone else can copy from your email into R and experiment with modifications in less than a minute, you are more likely to get a useful reply. I don't know MIX, but it sounds interesting, and I might be willing to experiment if I could do so without a major effort. More generally, toy examples like this make it much easier for someone else to understand what you need. You may think your question is perfectly clear. Unfortunately, it is not as clear to others with a different background.

	  Good Luck.
	  spencer graves

Li, Jia wrote:

> Hello all,
> When I used commands "ecm.mix and dabipf.mix" to do a simulation
(sample size is small 100), I got an error : Steps of ECM, missing value where True/False needed.
> I've checked the menu, and the option "prior" of ecm.mix said that
if structural zeros appear in the table, hyperparameters for those cells should be set to NA. However, it didn't say how to do that in the command. I am wondering if someone knows how to fix this.
> I appreciate your help,
> Jia
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