[R] error on load for R-2.1.0 and 2.1.1

From: Cere Davis <ceremona_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed 24 Aug 2005 - 08:47:10 EST

Hi R geniouses,

A friend and I are having trouble with a simple load() call in R. When we load data via a for loop such as:

for (i in c(1980:1984)){load(paste("myfile",i ,".RData", sep=""))} for (i in c(1986:1994)){load(paste("myfile",i ,".RData", sep=""))}

I get the following error in R:
/usr/local/R-2.1.0/lib/R/bin/BATCH: line 55: 4366 Broken pipe

    ( echo "invisible(options(echo = TRUE))"; cat ${in}; echo "proc.time()" )

      4368 Segmentation fault | ${R_HOME}/bin/R ${opts} >${out} 2>&1

When I load the equivelant files sequentially with the for loop such as:



the code runs just fine.

Can anyone see what would cause the for loop code above to cause a segfault error?


Cere Davis
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