Re: [R] Call SAS from R

From: Shin, David <>
Date: Thu 25 Aug 2005 - 02:50:28 EST

Thanks for the responses.
Here is the command I used and the error message I got.

> system("c:\\program files\\sas institute\\v8\\sas.exe test")
Warning message:
c:\program not found

if I change "program files" to "progra~1" then the output is:
> system("c:\\progra~1\\sas institute\\v8\\sas.exe test")
Warning message:
c:\progra~1\sas not found

I don't know how to change the folder name "sas institute" to let R reads it. Can someone help me with this?

The strange thing is that if I type in the command "c:\\progra~1\\sas institute\\v8\\sas.exe test" in dos environment, it didn't work, either.

I will appreciate very much if someone can help a bit. Thanks.


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How does it not work? Do you get error messages? Nothing at all? (it's difficult to help without more specific information, so this is a good time to suggest reading the posting guide:

What happens if you try to run that exact command outside of R? Does it work?


At 10:22 AM -0500 8/24/05, Shin, David wrote:
>Hi All,
>I am new to post question on this list. I apologize if this question is too
>easy or irrelevant.
>I am doing a simulation study and I need to read a data file that can be
>easily read by SAS.
>So, what I try to do is to execute SAS in R and then read the output of SAS
>to R.
>I try the following code but it didn't work.
>system("c:\\program files\\sas institute\\v8\\sas.exe test")
>can anyone give me some help with this?
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