[R] Remove NAs from Barplot

From: Doran, Harold <HDoran_at_air.org>
Date: Thu 25 Aug 2005 - 03:06:16 EST

Dear List:

I'm creating a series of barplots using Sweave that must assume a standard format. This is student achievement data and the x-axis must include all grades 3 to 8. In some cases, the data for a grade (or more than one grade) are missing in the vector math.bar, but are never missing for the vector apmxpmeet. The following sample code illustrates the issue.

Using the code below to create the plot works fine. However, the following command is designed to place the data onto the plot:

text(math.barplot, graph.max+5, format(tot), xpd = TRUE, col = c("blue",
"orange") )

This does work, but, it also places 'NA's on the plot. Is there a way to place the data onto the plot such that the numbers appear, but for the NAs not to appear? I've searched through ?text but was not able to find a solution.

math.bar <- c(NA,NA,NA,NA,55,48)
apmxpmeet <- c(47, 50, 49, 50, 49, 46)

math.bar <- rbind(math.bar, apmxpmeet)
math.barplot <- barplot(math.bar, beside=T, col=c('blue','orange'), names=c('Grade \n 3','Grade \n 4','Grade \n 5','Grade \n 6','Grade \n 7','Grade \n 8'),
ylim=c(0,120), ylab="Percentage", xlab="Grade Level") tot <- round(math.bar,digits=0)
graph.max <- max(math.bar, apmxpmeet, na.rm=T) text(math.barplot, graph.max+5, format(tot), xpd = TRUE, col = c("blue",
"orange") )

tmp$sch_nameS05 <- as.character(tmp$sch_nameS05) legend(2,120,legend=(c(tmp$sch_nameS05, "Average")), fill=c("blue","orange"))


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