Re: [R] How to do log normal regression?

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Thu 25 Aug 2005 - 14:18:48 EST

  1. Have you considered "nls" or "optim"? The documentation for both includes useful examples.
  2. What do your Y values represent? The almost universal standard today is maximum likelihood estimation. If you tell us what the Y values are, someone might help you write a likelihood function that could then be maximized using "optim".
  3. I notice this is the third post I've answered for you in the past month. I've been so busy recently, I tend to limit myself only to posts that are several days old for which I have not seen a reply. I believe you might get quicker and more useful replies to your questions if you please read and try to follow the posting guide! "".
	  Good luck.
	  spencer graves

Haibo Huang wrote:

> I want to fit a Log-Normal CDF function between two
> variables, and estimate the parameters. Is there any
> package/functions designed for this purpose?
> Basically, I have data for Y and X, and I suspect the
> relationship between Y and X is Y = CDF Log-Normal
> (X), and I want to run this regression to verify this
> and estimate the parameters. Anyone has any thoughts?
> Any input is valuable to me, so please do not hesitate
> to share your thoughts. Thank you!
> Ed.
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