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From: Romain Francois <>
Date: Fri 26 Aug 2005 - 00:15:34 EST

Le 25.08.2005 15:54, Philippe a écrit :

>My name is Philippe Favrot, I'm a french occupational doctor (working in
>Luxembourg), and I'm an "R beginner".
>I would be happy you could help me about the utilization of "R".
>Recently, I measured sound levels in a plant. Before the measuring, I
>divided the plant in 3 virtual rows and 8 virtual columns. I measured
>the sound level at each intersection of rows and columns and obtained a
>set of 24 "sound level" values.
>I wrote the results in a excel's spreadsheet.
>My question is: I know to do import from excel into "R" (with
>read.table()), but how can I draw a three dimensional graphic of the
>plant's sound level ? Can I overlay a map of this factory (as a
>rectangle with a grid representing each spots where I measured )?
>I'd understand if you are too busy to reply to my mail.
>Best regards
>Philippe Favrot
Bonjour Philippe,

Have you tried :

** RSiteSearch('3D')
** RSiteSearch('map')
** about a 
great book on R graphics (I can't wait to have my copy, just ordered one by amazon)

Also, have a look at the package rgl on cran, that's terrific !!



visit the R Graph Gallery :
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