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From: Don MacQueen <>
Date: Fri 26 Aug 2005 - 01:11:42 EST

Also, for the three dimensional graphic,"3d")
will lead to a reference to the cloud() function in the lattice package.

I don't remember if the lattice package is installed by default. If not, you will have to install it.
(If you're using a Mac or Windows computer, there's a menu item for installing packages. Otherwise you have to use the install.packages() function.)



to first load the lattice package, and then view the online documentation for the cloud() function.

You can view one of the cloud() examples like this:

    cloud(Sepal.Length ~ Petal.Length * Petal.Width | Species, data = iris,

            screen = list(x = -90, y = 70), distance = .4, zoom = .6)

You could consider a bubble plot. There are two packages with functions for bubble plots, gstat and sp. (Neither of them is installed by default.) I suspect the one in gstat will be easier to use, at least for someone new to R.

After having installed either of these packages, say gstat, then


to get its documentation.

Overlaying a grid on the plot created by cloud() might be difficult for an R beginner.

Here's a simple example:



At 3:54 PM +0200 8/25/05, Philippe wrote:
>My name is Philippe Favrot, I'm a french occupational doctor (working in
>Luxembourg), and I'm an "R beginner".
>I would be happy you could help me about the utilization of "R".
>Recently, I measured sound levels in a plant. Before the measuring, I
>divided the plant in 3 virtual rows and 8 virtual columns. I measured
>the sound level at each intersection of rows and columns and obtained a
>set of 24 "sound level" values.
>I wrote the results in a excel's spreadsheet.
>My question is: I know to do import from excel into "R" (with
>read.table()), but how can I draw a three dimensional graphic of the
>plant's sound level ? Can I overlay a map of this factory (as a
>rectangle with a grid representing each spots where I measured )?
>I'd understand if you are too busy to reply to my mail.
>Best regards
>Philippe Favrot
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