Re: [R] Fitting data to gaussian distributions

From: Luis Gracia <>
Date: Fri 26 Aug 2005 - 11:43:58 EST

Hi again,

self-answered. I took a breath and started another google search, this time more successful. I found the following packages in case somebody has the same question:
mixdist (I found this one to be the most useful in my case)



Luis Gracia said the following on 08/25/05 20:31:
> Hi!
> I need to fit a data that shows up as two gaussians partially
> superimposed to the corresponding gaussian distributions, i.e.
> data=c(rnorm(100,5,2),rnorm(100,-6,1))
> I figured it out how to do it with mle or fitdistr when only one
> gaussian is necessary, but not with two or more. Is there a function in
> R to do this?
> Thank you very much in advance,
> Luis
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