Re: [R] Plotting nls

From: Ben Rich <>
Date: Sat 27 Aug 2005 - 00:44:12 EST

To get nice looking plots you can use trellis plots from the lattice package. First you need:


Then you can define a custom panel function that will overlay the fitted curve on top of the data points in a different color (you just need to do this once; the fit you want plotted is specified as an argument):

pred.overlay.panel <- function(x, y, fit, ...) {

   panel.xyplot(x, y, ...)
   form <- as.list([[2]]$call$formula    resp <- deparse(form[[2]])
   covar <- deparse(form[[3]])
   xx <- seq(min(x), max(x), len=101)
   newdat <- data.frame(xx)
   colnames(newdat) <- covar
   panel.superpose(xx, predict(fit, newdata=newdat),

       subscripts=1:length(xx), groups=factor(rep(2, length(xx)),
       levels=1:2), type="l", ...)


Finally, you use the custom panel function in a call to xyplot:

xyplot(y ~ x, data=sample, panel=pred.overlay.panel, fit=fit, scales=list(x=list(log=TRUE)))

Note how you specify that you want the x-axis to be in log-scale with the scales parameter.

Hope this helps.


On 8/26/05, Lanre Okusanya <> wrote:
> Kindly excuse a non-statistician newbie attempting to wrestle with R.
> This might be a relatively easy question, but I am trying to perform nls
> regression and plot the fitted function through the data superimposed on
> the raw data. from reading the R-help, Rtips et al, I am only able to do
> that by extracting the parameter values manually and using it to create
> the plot.
> Is there an easier way to do this, (I have ~60 Plots), obtain an r^2,
> and also plot the x axis in the log domain (any attempts I have tried
> have screwed up).
> NLS script
> fit<- nls(y~-emax*x^h/(ec50^h+x^h),
> data= sample, start=list(emax=4,h=2,ec50=1))
> summary(fit)
> Thank you all for your help
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