Re: [R] PLSR: model notation and reliabilities

From: I.Ioannou <>
Date: Mon 29 Aug 2005 - 09:18:55 EST

On Sat, Aug 27, 2005 at 04:04:13AM +0300, I.Ioannou wrote:
> I'm new in both R and statistics. I "did my homework",

but apparently it was not enough :-(

I took a look inside the code of the * functions and at least now I know where I got it wrong.

So, I'm rephrasing my question :

I have a model with 2 latent constructs (D1 and D2) each one made by 3 indicators (D1a, D1b, D1c etc). Also I have 2 moderating indicators (factors, m1, m2). The response (Y) is also a latent construct, with 3 indicators (Y1,Y2,Y3). Actually this is a simplified description of my model which is far more complicated.

I want to express the regression using the constructs, both for the response and the predictors, i.e. I need to have "inner" and "outer" models. The outer model can be expressed as :

Y ~ D1*m1 + D2*m2

How do I create the constructs from the indicators ? I suspect I have to use somehow mvr or pca, but I can not figure out how to use mvr for this since it uses a formula and the response is required, while princomp and prcomp gives me either more constructs than just 1, or ICRs ~ 0.6, while cronbach's alpha >= 0.9 - apparently I'm not using them correctly.

Any help will be much appreciated  

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