[R] interactive time series plot

From: Chris Paulse <cpaulse_at_aecom.yu.edu>
Date: Tue 30 Aug 2005 - 04:03:58 EST


I've written the following function to display small windows of a time series (and a processed version of it) with mouse clicks used to move the window forward.  

ViewRawAndProcessed <- function(raw, processed, width=1000)


      len <- length(raw)

      n <- round(len/width)

      for (i in 1:n)


            plot(raw[((i-1)*width):(i*width)], type="s")

            lines(processed[((i-1)*width):(i*width)], type="s", col="red")

            s <- sprintf("%d - %d", (i-1)*width,(i*width))





What I'd like to do is modify the function so that it stays within a loop and accepts right and left cursor keys (or h and l) to shift the current window backwards and forwards (with the q key causing a break from the loop).  

Is this possible with the par(ask=TRUE) command?  


Chris Paulse

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