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Date: Tue 30 Aug 2005 - 09:40:25 EST

Dear Paul:

Thank you for responding. I had thought I had imposed too much, and did not want to be a bother any more. In any case, this does not seem to work for me.

> afmfiles <- c("lbr.afm", "lbd.afm", "lbi.afm", "lbdi.afm", "lbms.afm")
> postscriptFonts(lucida=postscriptFont("Lucida", metrics=afmfiles))
> postscriptFonts();

   # snipped a lot of fonts
[1] "Lucida"

[1] "lbr.afm" "lbd.afm" "lbi.afm" "lbdi.afm" "lbms.afm"

[1] "default"

> > postscript(file="", fonts="Lucida"); Error in postscript(file = "", fonts = "Lucida") :

        Failed to initialise additional PostScript fonts In addition: Warning message:
Font encoding not found in PostScript font database >

to make sure I have all the files accessible, I symbolically linked them into the current directory, too:

$ file *
lbd.afm: symbolic link to
lbd.pfb: symbolic link to
lbdi.afm: symbolic link to
lbdi.pfb: symbolic link to
lbi.afm: symbolic link to
lbi.pfb: symbolic link to
lbms.afm: symbolic link to
lbms.pfb: symbolic link to
lbr.afm: symbolic link to
lbr.pfb: symbolic link to

the links are live, and the files are what they pretend to be. any more suggestions would be very highly appreciated.



ivo welch

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 Paul Murrell wrote:
 > Hi
 > > I think there are two problems:
 > > (i) You are specifying the font incorrectly. Try ...
 > > # You might need to specify full paths to these
  > afmfiles <- c("lbr.afm", "lbd.afm", "lbi.afm", "lbdi.afm", 
 > # Set up the mapping for "lucida" font family
 > postscriptFonts(lucida=postscriptFont("Lucida", metrics=afmfiles))
 > # Specify that the "lucida" font is to be used
 > postscript(file="", family="lucida");

 Thanks to Brian Ripley for pointing out that that should be ...

 postscript(file="", fonts="lucida");

 > l<- 40:80;
 > plot(l,l,pch=l);
 > > Should work for pdf() too.
  > > This should put a reference to the appropriate font in the 
PostScript or > PDF file that R creates.
  > > (ii) R does not embed font information. But you can, for example, 
use > ghostscript to do it, as long as you tell ghostscript about the 
font > too. You might have to set up a file 'FontMap' which looks 
something > like ...
 > > /Lucida (PATH_TO/lb___.pfb);
  > > ... (assuming that lb___.pfb is the name of the .pfb file for the 
Lucida > font). Then try something like (NOTE that you have to specify 
> GS_FONTPATH to tell ghostscript where your FontMap file is) ...
  > > GS_FONTPATH=PATH_TO_FontMap gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite 
> -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -sOutputFile=testembed.pdf test.pdf
  > > This should give you a file with the font info embedded and then 
you > should be able to include that in a LaTeX document.
 > > Paul
  > > p.s. Thanks for the segfault report. I will look at why that is 
 > > > wrote:
 > >> Thank you---as always.
 >> still, I remain font-desparate.
  >> I would love to use the fonts from my book, but [a] I cannot figure 
 >> out how to do this yet even in the R postscript device; and [b] I am 
 >> using the R pdf device, not the postscript device. I guess if I can 
 >> solve [a], then I can rewrite all my graphics creations now into the 
 >> postscript device, and replace the with something that >> 
follows it with ps2pdf. The following attempt, however, does not work:
  >> afmfiles <- c("lbr.afm", "lbd.afm", "lbi.afm", "lbdi.afm", >> 
 >> Lucida <- postscriptFont("Lucida", metrics=afmfiles);
 >> postscript(file="", family=Lucida);
 >> l<- 40:80;
 >> plot(l,l,pch=l);
  >> By the way, if I try " postscript(family=afmfiles);" then I do not 
 >> get an R error, but R 2.1.0 segfaults, which is probably not >> 
desirable. This occurs even if there is no .afm file in the current >> 
  >> Can I make a suggestion to the R team? It would be nice if I could 
 >> specify a pdf() device parameter that says "choose font settings to 
 >> embed all fonts" (i.e., do not use fonts that cannot be embedded, >> 
either). Something that guarantees me that I get a figure that I can >> 
give to someone that is fully specified. Right now, accomplishing >> 
this is not easy to figure out, and perhaps not even possible. Yes, >> 
in the list of font families that R recognizes are some fonts that do 
 >> not seem among the 13 standard fonts (such as URWbookman). moreover, 
 >> if I choose it as my pdf font family, it is smart enough to use a >> 
different symbol file ('StandardSymL'), which I hope is also open and 
 >> not adobe. If so, they could be used in principle. How do I get R to 
 >> embed URWbookman? ZapfDingbats always seems to be included, so I 
hope >> this is open and embeddable.
 >> more help would be highly appreciated.
 >> Regards,
 >> /iaw
 >> ---
 >> ivo welch
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 >> On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 wrote:
 >> >
  >> > dear R wizards--- I would like to do some book-on-demand printing 
>> at a
  >> > popular printer named lulu, but lulu requires inclusion even of 
  >> > basic postscript fonts. Interestingly, my book itself does not 
  >> > the 14 base acrobat fonts, only the embedded R figures do. Of 
  >> > I really would like to get pdftex to embed the fonts, but how to 
  >> > this is not obvious either. [This method seems to be what the R 
  >> > page is indicating... The software including the PostScript plot 
  >> > should either embed the font outlines (usually from '.pfb' or 
  >> > files) or use DSC comments to instruct the print spooler to do 
  >> Why not use the fonts your book does use in the figures? (That's 
 >> my books are done.)
  >> > So, I would really, really like to embed the necessary fonts with 
>> the R
 >> > figures. I first reread the discussion in this mailing list about
  >> > (eps) font embedding earlier this year. This was ultimately not 
  >> > helpful. First, I do not know how to instruct my embedding 
program to
  >> > include the fonts that R figures want. Second, I already start 
  >> > the pdf device, so distilling eps files is not a good option--and 
 >> > would seem a bit crazy to first use the wrong output device
  >> > (postscript), then ship my files over to a windows machine 
  >> > that has distiller installed, run distiller by hand, then ftp 
them >> back
 >> > to my linux machine---just for getting the fonts embedded.
 >> >
 >> > Is it impossible to get R to embed the necessary fonts in its pdf
 >> > output?
  >> Yes, as it has no access to them. They are not Open Source. You may 
>> be able to use URW clones, depending on their licensing conditions.
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