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          Since I have not seen a reply to this, I will offer a brief comment.   I first tried, 'RSiteSearch("panel regression")', which produced many irrelevant hits. Then I tried, 'RSiteSearch("analysis of panel data")'.   The fourth item on that list was
"". Have you seen this? By the way, I highly recommend the book mentioned in this post, Pinheiro and Bates (2000), "Mixed-effects Models in S and S-PLUS" (Springer); it has contributed substantively to my education. Other hits in this "RSiteSearch" may also interest you.

          If you still have questions, please submit another post -- preferably after reading the posting guide!
"". This "posting guide" was designed to help people get better answers quicker with overall less effort. It may look like silly bureaucracy, but it seems to me to be quite helpful when followed.

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Haibo Huang wrote:

> I am currently trying to replicate the results I got
> from RATS for a panel regression. The codes in RATS
> looks like this:
> * Final equation for Office Cap Rate Spread
> * Regression, Panel Data
> preg(effects=time, method=random) CapRate
> # CapRate{1} RentCycle{1} VacancyChangeYTY
> InflationYTY RealGDPyty
> Just wonder what R package also allow me to have the
> options like (effects=time, method=random). Could
> anyone share some thoughts with me? Any input will be
> helpful. Thank you very much!
> Best,
> Ed.
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