[R] tcl/tk return problem

From: deggle <deggle_at_uni-koeln.de>
Date: Wed 31 Aug 2005 - 19:49:54 EST


I'm very new in working with tcl/tk in R and have a problem which will probably
sound silly to most of you.
Here is the code I have problems with:

readcelfiles <- function()

   tt <- tktoplevel()
   tkgrid(tklabel(tt,text="Choose a directory!"))

 OnOK <- function()

    fileDir<-tclvalue(tkchooseDirectory())     data.raw <- ReadAffy(celfile.path=fileDir)     #return(data.raw)

   OK.but <- tkbutton(tt,text="OK",command=OnOK)    tkgrid(OK.but)

So after clicking on my "OK" button, I choose my directory and read the cel-files.
But now I want to return the object to my workspace ... "return" doesn't work here.

Could anyone give me a hint?

Thank you very much,

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