Re: [R] How to hiding code for a package

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Tue 02 Aug 2005 - 02:02:26 EST

Dear Gary Wong:

          Are you trying to defeat the GNU License? If so, why not make it available as an S-Plus library? There, you don't have to provide the source; binary files will suffice.

          spencer graves

bogdan romocea wrote:

> There's something else you could try - since you can't hide the code,
> obfuscate it. Hide the real thing in a large pile of useless,
> complicated, awfully formatted code that would stop anyone except the
> most desperate (including yourself, after a couple of weeks/months)
> from trying to understand it. The best solution would be to compile
> the code, but R is not there yet.

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>>What you ask is impossible. For a function to be callable it
>>has to be
>>locatable and hence can be printed.
>>One possibility is to have a namespace, and something like
>>foo <- function(...) foo_internal(...)
>>where foo is exported but foo_internal is not. Then foo_internal is
>>hidden from casual inspection, but it can be listed by cognescenti.
>>Why do you want to do this? Anyhone can read the source code of your
>>package, and any function which can be called can be
>>deparsed, possibly
>>after jumping through a few hoops.
>>On Sat, 30 Jul 2005, Gary Wong wrote:
>>>Hey everyone,
>>>I have made a package and wish to release it but
>>>before then I have a problem. I have a few functions
>>>in this package written in R that I wish to hide such
>>>that after installation, someone can use say the
>>>function >foo(parameters = "") but cannot do >foo.
>>>Typing foo should not show the source code or at least
>>>not all of it. Is there a way to do this ? I have
>>>searched the mailing list and used google, and have
>>>found something like "[R] Hiding internal package
>>>functions for the doc. pkg-internal.Rd" but this seems
>>>different since it seems that the keyword internal
>>>just hides the function from showing in the index and
>>>hides documentation, not the function itself. Can
>>>someone help? Thanks
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