Re: [R] New functions supporting GIF file format in R

From: Tuszynski, Jaroslaw W. <>
Date: Tue 02 Aug 2005 - 06:03:39 EST

Sorry about late response but I was traveling and did not follow R-Help for 2 weeks.

I think, I prefer to leave read/write.GIF functions in my package where I have a full control of IO formats. I like to store images as integer or real matrices, and movies as 3D arrays. I believe that 'pixmap' package (as well as 'rimage' package and possibly others) use specialized classes for images , and do not handle movies at all (correct me if I am wrong).

If you would like to add capability reading and writing GIF files (or ENVI files - another multi-frame file format - see read/write.ENVI) to the 'pixmap' class, feel free to write a shell around my function. With input in correct range (0:255) and option "scale='never'", no processing will be done to your data on the way in or out. Also, I am not planning on making any changes to that function, unless bugs are found.




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>>>>> "JarekT" == Tuszynski, Jaroslaw W <>
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    JarekT> Hi, A minor announcement. I just added two functions
    JarekT> for reading and writing GIF files to my caTools
    JarekT> package. Input and output is in the form of standard
    JarekT> R matrices or arrays, and standard R color-maps
    JarekT> (palettes). The functions can read and write both
    JarekT> regular GIF images, as well as, multi-frame animated
    JarekT> GIFs. Most of the work is done in C level code
    JarekT> (included), so functions do not use any external
    JarekT> libraries.


    JarekT> For more info and examples go to
    JarekT> <>     JarekT> and click GIF.

Wouldn't it make sense to donate these to the 'pixmap' package which is dedicated to such objects and has been in place for a very long time?

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