[R] Loop problem

From: Hathaikan Chootrakool <Hathaikan.Chootrakool_at_newcastle.ac.uk>
Date: Wed 03 Aug 2005 - 05:36:23 EST

Dear everyone

     I am a new user,would like to combine these code together by using a loop,each function has three value as Tr = 1 - 3,how can i combine together?

logitTr1 <-logit[logit[,"Study"]&logit[,"Tr"]==1,]
(number of row in each group (1-3) is difference but equal in colume)

fnTr1 <- function (p) sum(

                    *1/logitTr1$sd*logitTr1$sd )

(maximum likelyhood function)

outTr1<- nlm (fnTr1,p=c(10),hessian=TRUE) minimumTr1 <- outTr1$minimum
valueTr1 <- outTr1$estimate
(estimate the value)

The problem is the program couldn't work by using logitTr[i],fnTr[i] outTr[i],minimumTr[i],value[i] in a loop. The function logitTr[i] is the data matrix which is not equal each group, fnTr[i] is the maximumlikelyhood function for estimation in next step; outTr[i],minimumTr[i],valueTr[i].

Has anyone got any idea to help me?,thank you very much.


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