Re: [R] memory limit

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Wed 03 Aug 2005 - 06:24:40 EST

array chip wrote:

> Hi, is it possible to increase the memory limit to
> infinite so that I don't need to worry about whether
> it is enough or not? In S-plus, you can do this by
> setting:
> options( memory = as.integer( Inf ) )
> is it possible to do this in R?

You are on Windows, right?

See ?memory.limit

You cannot say "Inf", but memory.limit(4000) sets it to 4Gb which you won't reach with a 32bit machine anyway.

Say you are on a 32bit machine with 512Mb of RAM, you certainly do not want that R accesses much more than 512Mb for itself, in order to prevent too much swapping. And that's what R chooses for you.

Uwe Ligges

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