Re: [R] parallel computing in R

From: Dirk Eddelbuettel <>
Date: Wed 03 Aug 2005 - 07:32:05 EST

Steve Adams <steve_adams_sd <at>> writes:
> Hi, is there an excellent source of documentation for
> installation, configuration of R packages
> (Rmpi,snow,rsprng etc.) for parallel computing on
> linus system?

In case you want it ready-to-run, Rmpi, SNOW, Rsprng, ... work out of the box under Quantian, which would give you openMosix to boot which can make scheduling MPI/PVM easier. For more about Quantian, see the pages at

All three are also part of Debian so you could add them (pre-built, no less) to a regular Debian system, and possibly a derived system such as Ubuntu. Sprng was a bit tricky to build, the others are pretty standard.

I talked about it a little at Usenix last year and intend to revisit this for DSC 2005 in a couple of days.

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