Re: [R] glmmPQL error in logLik.reStruct

From: Kechi Nzerem <>
Date: Thu 04 Aug 2005 - 01:00:50 EST

Dear all,

As an update to my previous post, for anyone who is interested: Someone has kindly told me that this error does not occur in the 2.2 pre-release version. I've run my particular model with my data and this problem is solved in the 2.2 pre-release.


Kechi Nzerem

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>Subject: glmmPQL error in logLik.reStruct
>Dear R users,
>I'm attempting to fit a GLM with random effects using the tweedie
>for the error structure. I'm getting the error:
>iteration 1
>Error in logLik.reStruct(object, conLin) :
> NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 3)
>I'm running V2.1.0
>I notice from searching the lists that the same error was reported in
>2004 by Spencer Graves, but no-one was able to offer any suggestions.
>Running the sample code that he provided also still produces the same
>N. <- 1000
>z <- rnorm(N.)
>pr.good <- exp(-1e-4*exp(2+2*z))
>DF. <- data.frame(yield=rbinom(N., N., pr.good)/N.,
> Offset=rep(-10, N.), nest=1:N.)
>fit <- glmmPQL(fixed=1-yield~offset(Offset), random=~1|nest,
> family=binomial(link="cloglog"),
> data=DF., weights=rep(N., N.))
>A year on can anyone suggest what the problem might be? Or in
>Spencer - did you come up with a solution?
>Thanks in advance,
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