Re: [R] breaking command in command line in R for Mac Aqua

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Thu 04 Aug 2005 - 01:20:53 EST

          My favorite syntax error for such situations is "[}", but as Peter said, that won't work if you are in the middle of a quote. Then one might try '"[}'. If that failed, "'[}" should work.

	  Thanks, Peter.  	
	  spencer graves

Peter Dalgaard wrote:

> Adaikalavan Ramasamy <> writes:

>>Why not use an editor ? 
>>I would highly recommend Emacs in combination with Emacs Speaks
>>Statistics (ESS). Section 2.1 of [1] might help with the installation.
>>Otherwise you can try JGR [2] or others [3]. There is a R special
>>interest group for MAC users [4] that you can try.
>>Regards, Adai

> Neither of those prevent you from sending incomplete lines do they?
> In a tight spot, you can alway just generate a syntax error. The thing
> is that you will typically have forgotten how to do that reliably.
> Entering
> $$
> or
> a b
> is a good guess. The main exception is that you could be in the middle
> of a text string, in which case you need a terminating quote first.
> -p
>>On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 13:34 -0700, Michael Sohn wrote:
>>>I'm using R for Mac Aqua version 2.1.1
>>>If at the command line, I type:
>>>and then a return, the command line prompt changes to
>>>a plus sign indicating that the command has not been
>>>completed.  How do I break, or kill, the partial
>>>command?  Sometimes, I type a long command but miss a
>>>bracket or parenthesis.  On a unix or linux version of
>>>R, I can type ctrl-c.  On the Mac, ctrl-c,
>>>command-(dot), and escape do not work.
>>>Any solutions?

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