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From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Thu 04 Aug 2005 - 20:22:46 EST

nwew wrote:
> Dear R-helpers,
> The function optim implements algorithms that I would like to use.
> I have function implemented in R, which given the parameters of which
> minimization is to take place returns a scalar as well as the gradient.
> Unfortunately optim requires two function _fn_ and _gr_ where fn returns the
> function value and gr the gradient. Splitting my function in two functions
> would be easy, however I am wondering if evaluating both is not doubling the
> the very high computational costs. Most of the computational intensive
> operations are identical if computing the function value and gradient.

> Question: is there a way to tweek optim that only one function evaluation is
> necessary? Are ther other implementations of the algorithm, which do assume
> that the function to be minimized returns the function value and the gradient
> as well?

I don't know the answer to your question, but here's a different approach. Write a function that effectively splits your single function into two:

splitfn <- function(f) {

   lastx <- NA
   lastfn <- NA
   lastgr <- NA

   doeval <- function(x) {

     if (identical(all.equal(x, lastx), TRUE)) return(lastfn)
     lastx <<- x
     both <- f(x)
     lastfn <<- both$fnval
     lastgr <<- both$grval


   fn <- function(x) doeval(x)

   gr <- function(x) {



   list(fn=fn, gr=gr)

I haven't tested this, but the idea is that it sets up a local environment where the last x value and last function and gradient values are stored. If the next call asks for the same x, then the cached values are returned. I don't know if it will actually improve efficiency: that depends on whether optim evaluates the gradient and function values at the same points or at different points.

You would use this as follows, assuming your function is called f:

  f2 <- splitfn(f)

  optim(par, f2$fn, f2$gr, ...)

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