Re: [R] drawing a network digraph

From: Sean Davis <>
Date: Thu 04 Aug 2005 - 23:24:08 EST

On 8/4/05 8:33 AM, "Vumani Dlamini" <> wrote:

> Dear R users,
> I have a matrix with 2 columns with the variables: "daughter index", "mother
> index". I would like to draw a network digraph using this data, where each
> daughter is connected to a mother and between the connections inlcude a
> circle with the information on the indices ("daughter index", "mother
> index"): i.e. something similar to graphs produced by graphviz.
> I am clueless. I have looked at the libraries SEM and SNA but it looks like
> they can't help my cause.

Since you mention graphviz, why not use Rgraphviz available from BioConductor? There are other packages available for doing graphing. A search of the r-help archives will turn up some discussion in the past 1-2 weeks.

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