[R] Documenting data sets with many variables

From: Arne Henningsen <ahenningsen_at_email.uni-kiel.de>
Date: Fri 05 Aug 2005 - 22:03:05 EST


I extended the data set "Blanciforti86" that is included in my R package
"micEcon". For instance, I added consumer prices, annual consumption
expenditures and expenditure shares of eleven aggregate commodity groups. The corresponding variables in the data frame are called "pAgg1",
"pAgg2", ..., "pAgg11", "xAgg1", "xAgg2", ..., "xAgg11", "wAgg1",
"wAgg2", ..., "wAgg11". To avoid to describe all 33 items in the "\format"
section of the documentation (.Rd file) I wrote something like


   This data frame contains the following columns:    \describe{

      [ . . . ]
      \item{xAggX}{Expenditure on the aggregate commodity group X
         (in Millions of US-Dollars).}
      \item{pAggX}{Price index for the aggregate commodity group X 
         (1972 = 100).}
      \item{wAggX}{Expenditure share of the aggregate commodity group X.}
      [ . . . ]


and explained the 11 aggregate commodity groups only once in a different

section (1=food, 2=clothing, ... ). However, "R CMD check" now complains 
about "data codoc mismatches", e.g. 
  Code: [...] pAgg1pAgg2 pAgg3  [...] 

  Docs: [...] pAggX [...]

Is there a way to avoid the description of all 33 items without getting a complaint from "R CMD check"?


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