Re: [R] prediction from glm

From: Dieter Menne <>
Date: Sat 06 Aug 2005 - 01:56:43 EST

Hugues Santin-Janin <hsantin-janin <at>> writes:

> I try to fit birds counts over years using glm. I have done (with Estate
> and year as factors):
> Model1 <- glm(Females~Estate+Year+offset = log(area)), family =
> quasipoisson(link = log), na.action = "na.exclude")
> Pred1 <- predict(Model1, type = "response", na.action = "na.exclude")
> My question is: How can I obtain predictions for Females in each year
> that are standardized by averaging over the levels of Estate?

You should use the newdata argument in predict.glm to construct the "should-be" data set. The example on the page ?predict.glm creates budworm-data on the fly, but it's probably easier to understand if you create a separate data frame myfemales first, the do predict(Model1, newdata=myfemales,..) in a separate step.

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